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Some Thoughts on Google Calendar

April 15, 2006 6 comments

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar finally shows off to the public on 13 April, one day before Good Friday (of 2006)! Thanks Google Blogoscopes, I got this news from its post. Prior it goes live, many guessing, many good suggestion (like, Jeremy Zawodny's "The world could really use Google Calendar") and also the famous Google CL2 screenshot leakage from Techcrunch, have attracted many people, including me, of course. Nearly everyday before it goes to public, I went to to have a look and test my luck. Finally, this routine work is gone. I am enjoying with Google Calendar now.

I am not repeating the features here which can be easily found in many places. You can get most out of Google Calendar's offical help pages. A review from Matt Cutts provides quite fair bit of comments. Also, I did not play around with calendar stuff very often and have no sufficient technical background about how a good calendar should work and in what manner. I just want to talk about something purely out of my experiences on the Google Calendar for the past 3 days.

  • Slow. Very obviously, sometimes, it takes about a minute to response my one keystroke. Seems, we need to wait util it becomes more stable and solid.
  • Keyboard shortcut key. Even before I noticed this help page, I have found two workable shortcut key. Jprevious; Knext. The functionality of these two keys is exactly same as the official declared shortcut keys P and N used to navigate the previous or next date range in various calendar view (e.g. Day, Month, Agenda etc.). But, what I want to say here is the associated action for key J and K is weird. I would expect J for next and K for previous, same as in Gmail. More important, as a heavy vi(m) user, it is more reasonable for me. Do you think the current set of shortcut keys is enough? Along the way, I belive I need more shortcut keys.
  • Notification types are not enough to suit all needs. Currently, there is only one type of notification for event reminders, ther rest are used mainly to deal with invitations. Also, there is one notification for daily agendar with only option email, which I see is useless as I don't really want to flood my mail box. Let's back to the event reminders, for the default option, I set to no reminder. In such way, I could have less annoying reminders so I will control individual event which I might think it's necessary to have the reminder. However, for some of the events, I want just a so-call pop-up reminder, a javascript alert window shown in the broswer (I like this idea); but for another set of events, I do need them to send a email reminder. So, I need two separate type event reminders. So sad, I have only one choice at of now. What I want is a customizable and user-definable notification settings. So I could create as many types of notification as I want. So I could define all kind of combinated ways, e.g. email only, pop only or both email and pop, through which I could be notified for different (or even the same) event. It's more extendable for the future notification methods.

That's all for the moment. I have to say, I like the Google Calendar very much. Just hope it could be improved to meet all my needs 🙂

My next study item will be iCalendar.

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Google 谷歌

April 15, 2006 1 comment

Google Chinese Name - GuGeGoogle's official chinese name is 谷歌 (GuGe). Direct translation: 谷(Gu) – corn; 歌(Ge) – song. Sounds funny. A chinses flash movie shows all the meaning behind this new name.

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